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Update to Epassporte Payments August 4th, 2010
We are being asked to send money in the most ridiculous way. It makes me bvery nervous to send Tens of Thousands of Dollars to epassporte every month when thier new Bank and wire info is not recognized by the three majot banks in Los Angeles. I got a call from the Wire Agent for Wells Fargo in LA who refused to send this money after I opened a new account. Bank Of America is telling me that I can throw the money out to the Intermediary Bank and hope that it gets routed into the new Primary Bank through info in the NOTES section of the wire. The swift code is totally unrecgonized by the legitimate American Banking system.

At this point, I must announce that I will try to send money through Epassporte, but this company will not be held responsible for lost money. In other words, I would not trust this new system with 1 dollar of my money. If you insist on continued Epassporte payments, you are taking the responsibility for using a system that seems to be failing.

I encourage all affiliates to find a new method for Payout. And if any of you have any info about new payment systems, or info about Epass, we would love to hear from you!

I am very sorry for the inconvenience and we are doing all we can to get this money to the Epass Affiliates.