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XXXCumCash is now DungeonBank

11/03 - New FHG for Bondage Orgasms & Smothered Slave
After a bit of a lag in new galleries for Bondage Orgasms and Smothered Slave, I'm very excited to announce I've put up a bunch of new ones, and will have more regularly coming. Thanks and happy promoting! If you have any questions on those two sites, you can direct them to my email at

09/08 - NEW FHG Flash Video plus Pics
We have added a new design to our FHG selection and a new video formet. You can now find FHG with 2 minute flash trailers plus 16 pics for SocietySM in the DC_FLASH group. Here is an example

12/21 - Paynents Made.
All Payments for 2010 have been made. Thanks for another successful year! Have a great Holiday Season and our best wishes to you for a great 2011...Thanks again, John

11/01 - Affiliate Information
As you can see in the News update below, Epassporte has closed. We are making attempets to get in contact with those of you who have not yet changed your prefered method of payment. Unfortunately some of your emails are not up to day and are being kiked back to us. Please take a moment to check your affiliate info. Make sure tyour email is updated and all other info for your ned=w method of payment and then shoot me a quick email @ with your DB ID and your new email/ info. We's like to get all of there payout to you asap so help me help you.
Dungeon Bank

The Epassporte troubles continue as Epass goes out of business. All Webmasters should take a moment to review thier payout information. And All webmsters who use EpassPorte should change thier payout info, then email us, using our SUPPORT page email. Thanks much, John

All Epassporte Money has been distributed! Payouts for July sales will be made on the 22nd of August. Thanks Much, John

08/05 - EpassPorte Wire Success!
After trying three banks over the last three weeks, Bank of America finally came through by allowing me to send a wire from the bank itself, instead of using thier less complete online wire system. I talked to the bank managers and they are OK with me coming into the Bank to send wires again. So, all sho8uld be good with Epassporte again. The money should be in the account within a couple days and I will make payments in Epassporte at that time. Thanks much and very sorry for the delay...long live porn, John

08/04 - Update to Epassporte Payments
We are being asked to send money in the most ridiculous way. It makes me bvery nervous to send Tens of Thousands of Dollars to epassporte every month when thier new Bank and wire info is not recognized by the three majot banks in Los Angeles. I got a call from the Wire Agent for Wells Fargo in LA who refused to send this money after I opened a new account. Bank Of America is telling me that I can throw the money out to the Intermediary Bank and hope that it gets routed into the new Primary Bank through info in the NOTES section of the wire. The swift code is totally unrecgonized by the legitimate American Banking system.

At this point, I must announce that I will try to send money through Epassporte, but this company will not be held responsible for lost money. In other words, I would not trust this new system with 1 dollar of my money. If you insist on continued Epassporte payments, you are taking the responsibility for using a system that seems to be failing.

I encourage all affiliates to find a new method for Payout. And if any of you have any info about new payment systems, or info about Epass, we would love to hear from you!

I am very sorry for the inconvenience and we are doing all we can to get this money to the Epass Affiliates.

07/30 - Epassporte Payments
Epassporte has changed thier wire information and we are finding it very hard to get money into thier new Bank. Our Bank cannot send wires to thier bank and I am having troubles finding a wire method that will work. I am working everyday to get the money into Epassporte and I will announce when we have estalished a new and reliable wire connection to Epassporte.

07/02 - Galleries and Ad Tools begin again!
Thank you for your patience as we made the server migrations. Galleries and Ad Tools have resumed.

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Fucking Dungeon
Bondage Orgasms
Strict Restraint
Smothered Slave
Mistress Nympho
Perfect Slave

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